Please remember that as discussed, your policy was given a discount that is based on sending us proof of your prior insurance.  We must receive proof of prior insurance within 7 days, or your policy will be re-calculated without this Extreemly valuable discount.  Usually if this discount is removed you will see an increase in your rate of 15-30%   

You Must show proof of continous coverage for the last 6 months to keep this discount.  It may take more than one document to prove this depending on the effective dates of the prior policy.  Please provide documentation to prove coverage for the 6 months leading up to your new policy.  

You will most likely be able to get this online from your previous carrier, or by calling them and asking them to send proof of coverage to service@ReduceMyInsurance.Net, or fax to 615-823-2858 .


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Acceptable POI Documentation:

  • Policy declaration pages
  • ID Card
  • Current Carrier Report
  • Renewal Billing Notice
    • Must say "Renewal" or "Continuation"
  • Cancel/non-renewal notice
    • Cannot be for nonpayment
  • Screen Print
  • Letter of Experience
  • Letter from Employer
  • Motorhome & Motorcycle POI


about proof of insurance:

Proof of Prior Insurance (POI) verifies that you had prior car insurance coverage with another company for a specific amount of time before buying your current policy. A lapse (or several lapses) in car insurance coverage can lead to higher premiums, so the longer you've been consecutively insured, the less you can expect to pay for your car insurance policy, in general.

When you get your ReduceMyInsurance.Net e quote, we ask you how long you've been continuously insured. And when you buy the policy, we use your answer to help calculate your final rate.

We'll try to verify your POI with your prior insurer ourselves, but that's not always successful. When it's not, you may be asked to submit POI soon after you buy. If you don't submit it within a given time frame, your rate may be adjusted based on the missing information. Your rate can go up because of a missing POI if you indicated you had prior insurance coverage when getting your quote or if the declared limits were inaccurate.