Medical Case Management

The purpose of this program is to coordinate the medical care services provided to employees claiming benefits under the Law.

Employers may, at their own expense, utilize case management. If utilized by employer, employee must cooperate.

Case Management services shall include, but not be limited to:

Development of a treatment plan to provide appropriate medical services. 
Monitoring the treatment and medical progress.
Assessing whether medical services are appropriate and delivered in a cost-effective manner, based on acceptable medical standards. 
Ensuring that the injured employee is following the prescribed medical care plan. 
Formulating a plan for return to work, with due regard for the employee's recovery, restrictions, and limitations, if any.

What is case management?
Case management is the ongoing facilitation and coordination of medical care services provided to an injured employee. This is done to promote the most cost-effective medical treatment without compromising the patient's quality of care.